Who wore what? Shop your favorite ambassador's wardrobe

What if we told you you could shop your favourite ambassador's wardrobe? That's right. On Boksha's Wardrobe feature tens of trendsetters, from sports personalities to modest fashion bloggers to entrepreneurs and boss ladies, have curated wardrobes especially for you. On Wardrobe, you get exclusive access to ambassador's must-haves that are hot this season. Think kaftans, abayas, summer dresses, bags, and even home accessories. Our most recent addition, the social media star and the founder of Takhayyal Marketing Agency, Mthayel Al Ali, picked over 20 looks that are nothing short of fabulous.

Take this regal off-shoulder dress from Statement that screams elegance and this Hope Design peach linen number that is the perfect outfit for a night out in the summer.

The Emirati influencer/ entrepreneur also chose a few modest dresses that are great day-to-night outfits. 

So, whether you're looking for a fancy party dress, a maternity-friendly outfit, or even a casual-chic abaya for work, Mthayel's choices have you covered. Check out her wardrobe choices here:


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