Mukhawar is a traditional, yet fashion-forward dress worn by women in the Gulf region, specifically in countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. It is a must-have for any stylish woman's wardrobe, and can be worn on a variety of occasions such as Ramadan, Fridays, and family gatherings. Made of light, breathable fabric like cotton or linen, the Mukhawar is designed to be comfortable and breathable. The design and style of the Mukhawar can vary depending on the country and occasion, with formal versions featuring intricate embroidery and everyday versions being simpler in design. At Boksha, we pride ourselves on offering the most exclusive and stylish Mukhawar collections, perfect for any fashion-conscious woman looking to make a statement.

Elegant Black Abaya with Embel...

USD 502.20

Modest dress
Mukhawar dress with embellishm...

USD 167.40

Beige Floral
Beige Floral Cotton with hand ...

USD 210.60

Black Silk
Black Silk With hand embroider...

USD 205.20

Beige Silk
Beige Silk With embroidery

USD 189.00

Beige Cotton
Beige Cotton with simple embro...

USD 175.50

10% OFF
green mukhawar
Green Mukhawar with Handwork &...

USD 243.00 USD 270.00

6% OFF
white mukhawar
White and Pink Floral Handwork...

USD 216.00 USD 229.50

7% OFF
blue pink dress
Blue and Pink Floral Mukhawar

USD 189.00 USD 202.50

6% OFF
baby pink dress
Mukhawar Embellishments on Bab...

USD 216.00 USD 229.50

Patterned abaya with embellish...

USD 202.50

Mukhawar with embellishments a...

USD 175.50