Nafnoof Design

Nafnoof Design

A Bahraini traditional wear line bringing fashion and modesty in a modern way. At Nafnoof Design, we highlight modern abaya designs with a distinct Bahraini flair all made by hand by local artisans.

Design Code 62 Sold out
Design Code 62
Black abaya with traditional g...

USD 132.30

Design Code 61 Sold out
Design Code 61
Black Abaya with grey trims

USD 102.60

11% OFF
Design Code 60
Black abaya with golden embroi...

USD 110.70 USD 124.20

Design Code 59 Sold out
Design Code 59
Black Abaya with golden embroi...

USD 132.30

11% OFF
Design Code 58 Sold out
Design Code 58
Black abaya with braided beige...

USD 108.00 USD 121.50

Design Code 57 Sold out
Design Code 57
Black Abaya with black embriod...

USD 102.60

13% OFF
Design Code 56 Sold out
Design Code 56
Black abaya with black chiffon...

USD 94.50 USD 108.00

Design Code 55 Sold out
Design Code 55
Black Abaya with golden organz...

USD 121.50

Design Code 44 Sold out
Design Code 44
Black abaya golden embellishme...

USD 153.90

18% OFF
Design code 47
Black Abaya with embroidery

USD 108.00 USD 132.30

20% OFF
Design Code 53
Light teal abaya with embroide...

USD 108.00 USD 135.00

Design Code 52 Sold out
Design Code 52
Black Abaya with embroidered c...

USD 121.50