Threads fashion

Threads fashion

Threads fashion

Occasional Ready to ship
Crepe abaya with gold pattern ...

USD 148.50

Two tone abaya Ready to ship
Two tone abaya
Light crepe abaya with matchin...

USD 121.50

11% OFF
Eid abaya Ready to ship
Eid abaya
Dark Green Patterned Abaya Wit...

USD 108.00 USD 121.50

Embroidered Ready to ship
Black abaya featuring brown tr...

USD 94.50

Black Abaya Ready to ship
Black Abaya
Elegant black abaya adorned wi...

USD 108.00

Daily two tone Ready to ship
Daily two tone
Two-Tone Abaya with Embroidere...

USD 94.50

Casual abaya Ready to ship
Casual abaya
Daily Black Abaya With Matchi...

USD 94.50

23% OFF
Grey abay Sold out
Grey abay
Floral embellishments

USD 135.00 USD 175.50

9% OFF
Abaya Sold out
White and navy

USD 86.40 USD 94.50

17% OFF
Olive Sold out
Linen abaya

USD 108.00 USD 129.60

20% OFF
2pcs kaftan Ready to ship
2pcs kaftan
Dress with abaya and belt

USD 108.00 USD 134.73

5% OFF
Linen Ready to ship
Purple kaftan

USD 102.60 USD 108.00