Ohood Ghanim

Abaya RTW19-078
Embellished Set featuring an A...

USD 383.40

47% OFF
Two Tone Abaya
Two tone abaya with contrastin...

USD 229.50 USD 432.00

SET10-22 Abaya
2-piece blue abaya set featuri...

USD 445.50

FWA2003 Abaya
Chic colorblock abaya set feat...

USD 453.60

0% OFF
EFFORTLESS SET3 Not available
PJ style has never been this c...

USD 459.00 USD 459.00

AH 11
Occasional abaya

USD 567.00

44% OFF
Pink vs orange
a 2-piece set of orchid pink s...

USD 113.40 USD 202.50

Luxe Abaya Set
Luxe abaya set featuring an em...

USD 567.00

K219 Abaya
3-piece set, includes an abaya...

USD 136.62

Abaya Not available
Black Abaya with embellishment...

USD 108.00

Blue abaya with embroidery

USD 162.00

Gray Abaya
crumbs abaya

USD 137.70

48% OFF
Diana Abaya
Open front abaya crafted from ...

USD 105.30 USD 202.50

Beige Abaya
. قصة نوعية لعباية لينين الطبي...

USD 120.15

3-Piece chambray blue set feat...

USD 110.70

Tulle abaya with crystal beads

USD 221.40

Beige coat
Beige coat crepe satin abaya w...

USD 256.50

Q0018 Abaya
Blue and black brocade abaya w...

USD 351.00

MKA - F20C08
Black and offwhite reversible ...

USD 167.40

OFW18 Abaya
Three piece abaya set with ele...

USD 175.50

Melange Abaya
Blue Melange Abaya with Front ...

USD 88.83

Lavender Abaya
Lavender abaya featuring a tre...

USD 188.73

SS22-4 Abaya
Lilly Single Breasted Abaya. F...

USD 243.00

Code:S142 Abaya
Loose fitting abaya in white a...

USD 148.50

AB- 3625 Abaya
Brown abaya with elasticated s...

USD 121.50

AB- 3618 Abaya
A textured grey abaya with pin...

USD 121.50

Pearl Hoops Ready to ship
Pearl Hoops
A pair of pearl hoop earrings....

USD 27.00

Dana - Earring
Dana Collection - Earrings mad...

USD 68.04

J022 Abaya Not available
J022 Abaya
Purple summer abaya with heads...

USD 89.10

Look 1421
2 pieces dress

USD 229.50

Abaya Code S18
Casual Set featuring a buttone...

USD 175.50

ombre abaya Ready to ship
ombre abaya
Linen ombre abaya (Abaya ,dres...

USD 162.00

40% OFF
MODEL 7773
Black web tulle abaya with sca...

USD 202.50 USD 337.50

4% OFF
Z121 Abaya
Black abaya with contrast red ...

USD 143.10 USD 148.50

Soft abaya
Dark Grey abaya made of soft f...

USD 72.90

C 168 Abaya
Subdued purple abaya with bow ...

USD 229.50

Beige Modest
Beige Modest Abaya

USD 216.00

MINT - 012 Not available
MINT - 012
Tiffany oversized butterfly-cu...

USD 164.70

double color
An abaya that can be worn on b...

USD 216.00

Tow side abaya

USD 175.50

A simple and elegant daily aba...

USD 121.50


USD 330.75

Pure textured linen abaya with...

USD 243.00

Textured silk bisht-cut abaya ...

USD 216.00

Chic tafta abaya

USD 256.50

13% OFF
3-piece set featuring a sandy ...

USD 174.15 USD 201.15

Autumn 01 Not available
Autumn 01
Mesh lines

USD 175.50

double chiffon abaya with blac...

USD 216.00

8% OFF
Autumn 04
elegant black abaya

USD 234.90 USD 256.50

16% OFF
Model No- 1209 Not available
Model No- 1209
sky blue abya with front shine...

USD 202.50 USD 240.30

Shall patterned abaya

USD 202.50

Modern Style Embroidered Bisht...

USD 80.73

Classic Style Golden Abaya wit...

USD 94.50

Pearl abaya
Grey abaya designed with pearl...

USD 232.20

Abaya + 2 sided inner dress

USD 378.00

23% OFF
Round Neck Black Printed Abaya...

USD 134.73 USD 175.50

OFW24 Abaya
2 color soft crepe abaya set

USD 148.50

S77 Abaya
Two side abaya,including 2side...

USD 143.10

34% OFF
انيقة /elegant
Khaki beige daily jacket style...

USD 214.65 USD 324.00