Shaikha Alshemeili

ss22 Abaya
Black abaya with contrast whit...

USD 229.50

Q0021 Abaya
Light pink abaya featuring a m...

USD 297.00

AK193 Abaya
Subdued pink abaya with wide l...

USD 297.00

P49t Abaya
Black abaya featuring a metall...

USD 148.50

ELWARD02 Abaya
Black bisht abaya with wide sl...

USD 135.00

C 168 Abaya
Subdued purple abaya with bow ...

USD 229.50

C 169 Abaya
White abaya with embroidered s...

USD 229.50

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PL Abaya
Moss green wrap abaya in a mod...

USD 140.13 USD 153.63

Beige Abaya
A delicate beige abaya adorned...

USD 297.00

Blue Abaya
عباية تتميز بخفة قماشها وبتطري...

USD 97.20

Elegant abaya
Abaya decorated with ribbons o...

USD 162.00

Offwhite UA
Under Abaya Offwhite Summer Li...

USD 132.30

Black sleeveless under abaya d...

USD 108.00

Linen Vibes
White linen set top and pants,...

USD 101.25

The olive set Not available
The olive set
2-piece classic casual travel ...

USD 62.10

unique Not available
Sheila for plain abayas

USD 25.65

Linen Abaya
Cream linen abaya with floral ...

USD 351.00

Small Tote bag
Lightweight see-through tote b...

USD 35.10

Rainbow white
White Warp abaya with nice mul...

USD 156.60

bisht linen
bisht abaya perfect for ramada...

USD 216.00

Large Tote Bag
Lightweight two-toned tote bag...

USD 48.60

Teal green sleeveless dress wi...

USD 102.60