Beige dress
Beige sleeveless dress designe...

USD 52.65

Classy dress Not available
Classy dress
Soft and colorful dress with w...

USD 72.90

Bali dress
Green Balinese-inspired dress ...

USD 432.00

Bali dress
White Balinese-inspired dress ...

USD 432.00

The26 ‘H.017’
Elegant and classic black dres...

USD 418.50

Black Abaya
Black abaya with silver-work e...

USD 351.00

B 001 Not available
B 001
Two pieces ، dress and thoub N...

USD 264.06

Black abaya with printed desig...

USD 89.10

Black abaya with printed desig...

USD 89.10

L-brown Abaya
Light brown abaya with embroid...

USD 161.73

RA 098
Black abaya with embroidery

USD 256.50

chiffon dress with full of bea...

USD 432.00

13% OFF
3-piece set featuring a sandy ...

USD 174.15 USD 201.15

33% OFF
elegant abaya
Light Green Abaya

USD 162.00 USD 243.00

Spaced pearls
Gold plated Necklace with pear...

USD 121.50

Special Evening
Fancy dress in green

USD 162.00

13% OFF
Black and silver casual abaya ...

USD 132.30 USD 151.20

A simple and elegant daily aba...

USD 121.50

11% OFF
Code:s112 Abaya
Black abaya with dainty embell...

USD 132.30 USD 148.50

P48 G
3-piece set of Abaya, headscar...

USD 121.50

MK 024 Kaftan
Patterned Mukhawar kaftan with...

USD 186.30

06 Abaya
black abaya with Bisht cut emb...

USD 94.50

M27 Abaya
2-toned black and brown abaya ...

USD 108.00

Black and beige organza abaya

USD 148.50

Black buttoned abaya with box ...

USD 132.30

Puffy sleeve
Two pieces silk organza

USD 183.60

Flora on Ivory
Ivory crepe kaftan set with go...

USD 148.50

P64 Sk.b
Subdued teal textured abaya wi...

USD 105.30

23% OFF
R2212 - Sofia
Soft Organza threads dress wit...

USD 310.50 USD 405.00

Haze Jalabiya
Lilac haze crepe jalabiya deco...

USD 160.65

2 sides abaya
The abaya can be worn in 2 sid...

USD 270.00

10% OFF
Summer vibes
Chic lavender dress with twist...

USD 267.30 USD 297.00

Elegant Abaya Not available
Elegant Abaya
Kloosh green crepe abaya with ...

USD 191.36

Blush Jalabiya
Blush pink crepe jalabiya deco...

USD 159.30

Golden Abaya
Golden beige abaya featuring a...

USD 194.40

P60 brown
Brown abaya with contrast trim...

USD 99.90

Abaya Code F01
3 Layers Classy Abaya, Mixed w...

USD 216.00

Green jalabiya
Army green crepe jalabiya deco...

USD 160.65

Joory dress Not available
Joory dress
Two pieces of blue organza and...

USD 234.90

MB19 Abaya
Black abaya adorned with a bea...

USD 102.60

Raya Ready to ship

USD 186.30

SS22 L-K018 Not available
SS22 L-K018
One shoulder silk dress with s...

USD 324.00

Besht style abaya

USD 121.50

Spring vibe
Soft fabric bisht cut abaya

USD 324.00

Classy Abaya
2-toned black and light pink w...

USD 153.90

Bisht abaya
White bisht abaya

USD 148.50

A5 Near&dear
Bblazer abaya with pearl

USD 179.55

27% OFF
Black & Beige
Black & Beige abaya with black...

USD 108.00 USD 148.50

Modern Abaya
beige straight abaya with pock...

USD 351.00

Henna Kit
With all natural henna powder ...

USD 45.90

D05Custom scarf Not available
D05Custom scarf
A customizable beige scarf wit...

USD 40.50

Butterfly aklet
Elegant butterfly anklet shape...

USD 145.80

Flower anklet
Beautiful shaped flower ankle...

USD 145.80

beads anklet
original water pearl beads ank...

USD 135.00

sparkle ring
silver and zircon sparkle ring...

USD 108.00

9% OFF
Tulle Gloves
Add an instant glam drama with...

USD 27.00 USD 29.70

printed Seagreen jalabiya embe...

USD 140.40

2 piece
A 2 piece kaftan, a plain unde...

USD 108.00

Mercury Sandals Ready to ship
Mercury Sandals
Brown flat sandals with braide...

USD 105.30

Skyros Mules Ready to ship
Skyros Mules
Padded leather mules with quil...

USD 121.50

AW20/59 Bag
A leather knot bag in tan colo...

USD 108.00

Semi Circle Bag
Maroon structured semi-circle ...

USD 45.90

SUE by LAYKH Not available
Made in multi brown leather wi...

USD 521.10

MONIKA by LAYKH Not available
Genuine champagne leather, mal...

USD 396.90

o41 blue Dress
underabaya dress

USD 81.00

o41 Dress

USD 81.00

Silk dress with classy feather

USD 267.30

OFW 37 Not available
OFW 37
comfortable silk dress

USD 48.60

Inner dress Not available
Inner dress
comfortable silk dress

USD 48.60

OFW 38 Not available
OFW 38
Reversible inner dress

USD 48.60

72% OFF
Satin floral embossed fabric w...

USD 33.75 USD 121.50