Abaya Sets

A wide selection of stylish abaya sets showcasing talented emerging independent designers, offering thousands of different styles from classic black abayas to contemporary chic with vivid hues all curated with the most discerning taste. Some of our abayas are customizable, with options on length or additional button closures.

a premium black all day wear s...

USD 118.80

SAHRA is a royal bridal satin ...

USD 159.30

Tamara is a luxurious shimmery...

USD 105.30

19% OFF
Purple Set
Golden Sequins Embellished Aba...

USD 87.75 USD 108.00

17% OFF
Bisht Abaya Set
Bisht Abaya Set in Self Print ...

USD 67.50 USD 81.00

23% OFF
Bisht Abaya Set
Blue Bisht Abaya With Golden E...

USD 72.90 USD 94.50

Winter abaya
Navy velvet abaya with embelli...

USD 105.30

Winter abaya
Ashen olive winter abaya with ...

USD 105.30

Winter abaya
Black abaya with velvet puffy ...

USD 108.00

17% OFF
Sky Bisht Abaya
Sky blue crushed fabric Bisht ...

USD 78.30 USD 94.50

Green set
Casual fatigue green abaya wit...

USD 102.60

Colors abaya
A-line black abaya with red an...

USD 110.70