Modest Dresses

Huge collection of classic and elegant dresses for women who wants to look chic but still upholds the traditional modest way of dressing.

Embroidery dress with long sle...

USD 132.30

Light sky cftan
Simplicity and exquisite smoot...

USD 112.05

Look 2623
Elegant modest dress with embe...

USD 297.00

Look 2323
Orange ombre dress with glitte...

USD 256.50

Look 2223
Light peach embellished modest...

USD 229.50

Look 2123
Raspberry pink dress with cape...

USD 243.00

Look 2023
Crystal pink dress with twist ...

USD 229.50

Look 1923
Gold modest dress with sheer e...

USD 229.50

Look 1823
Lilac dress with sheer embelli...

USD 229.50

Look 1723 Dress
Dusty peach modest dress with ...

USD 229.50

White Dress Ready to ship
White Dress
Embroidered Linen Dress featur...

USD 445.50

Wrap Dress Ready to ship
Wrap Dress
Embroidered Linen Wrap Dress f...

USD 486.00