Top of your beautiful ensemble and spritz to your hearts desire! Our fragrances are pure and luxurious with long-lasting smell that stays all through out the day.

DO Kadeem Super
A best veriety of oldest time ...

USD 81.00

D.O Seufi Super
A finest quality concentrated ...

USD 67.50

D. Oud Desire
A pure arabic fragrance that d...

USD 94.50

D.Oud Khaas
A luxury and precios concentra...

USD 108.00

Dukhoon Rose
Oud with a unique scent

USD 37.80

Dukhoon Aya
Oud with a pleasant refreshing...

USD 37.80

A feminine scent for special o...

USD 37.80

A bottled music.

USD 43.20

Mesk Collection
An unisex and a heavy collecti...

USD 216.00

Luxury Set
A set of gorgeous Unisex Colle...

USD 175.50

Emerald Giftset
Four Pillars as a perfect base...

USD 121.50

Musk Collection
A deserved one for your loved ...

USD 94.50