Top of your beautiful ensemble and spritz to your hearts desire! Our fragrances are pure and luxurious with long-lasting smell that stays all through out the day.

Oud Mubakhar
Oud mubakhar. mesmerizing arom...

USD 45.90

Oud Al Emarat
Bakhoor Al Emarat. mesmerizing...

USD 99.90

Deer Oud
Deer bakhoor. mesmerizing arom...

USD 45.90

Green Burner
A touch of royalty.

USD 94.50

Sheikha Oud
Special Emirati oud

USD 45.90

Elegance Box
Consists of four perfumes; Ple...

USD 75.60

KohKong Cambodi
Koh Kong oud has a sweet and f...

USD 82.89

Hindi Dugga
Dugga oud has a strong and swe...

USD 112.05

Hojari Luban
Hojari Superior Luban: a very ...

USD 39.15

Al Malaki
Perfumed Oud: A homemade blend...

USD 51.30