About Us

Welcome to BOKSHA, the region's leading online marketplace for unparalleled Khaleeji modest couture. Boksha prides in showcasing beautiful and distinctive fashionable pieces for stylish women created by over a thousand independent homegrown designers and boutiques.

The name BOKSHA (بقشة) is derived from the Arab Gulf dialect and refers to a piece of fabric tied from the corners to form a single large knot on the top and it’s used as a head carrier by women sellers to store their goods; primarily clothing and jewelry, and anything that can be easily carried and displayed. Back in the 1900s, women used to travel considerable distances to reach the destination of the market place known to Arabs as the Souq. When they traveled, they utilized the Boksha as a daytime lounger and a nighttime cushion to ease their journey. Once at the marketplace, the women would place their Boksha on the ground and showcase their items for sale.

Today, the platform 'Boksha' revives the concept of boksha by allowing women to easily expose their creativity to a wide customer base while also catering to the needs of today's world with quick and easy trading. Boksha promotes the empowerment of the Arab world's hardworking female segment and is dedicated to becoming the leading portal in showcasing the region’s based female-owned brands. Boksha now features over 25,000 exclusive products ranging from abayas, kaftans, dresses, accessories, and fragrances, with a concentration on the Khaleeji fashion.

The dedicated team is always available to serve both our trendy Boutiques and our esteemed Shoppers, ensuring a secure and seamless shopping experience is achieved every single time. Our fashion-savvy Shoppers are able to browse through thousands of unique pieces that can be customized to fit, while the Boutiques are supported with an array of tools to manage their business efficiently and effectively.

We hope you enjoy discovering the great talents represented on BOKSHA and the authentic products that are catered for you. Happy Shopping