Manar Al Shik

Manar Al Shik

Manar Al Shik graduated from the Faculty of Arts and holds a bachelor's degree in library and information science. She is also a certified management consultant. Manar has had a passion for media since she was a child, so she decided to pursue a career in it. She began from the ground up, maintaining an active Instagram and Snap account, sharing her diary and demonstrating her public speaking abilities. People eventually became aware of her, and her fame grew as a result. Manar has presented the largest events and festivals in the UAE and worked with the most well-known brands to date. Her mother was the driving force behind her success. "My mother pushed me from a young age to do what I love, she appreciates what I do, my mother is my inspiration," she says. Every item in Manar's wardrobe has been delicately selected by her to represent her personal style and ambitions.


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