Navyline is where comfort meets elegance. We are experts in incorporating the traditional Arabian fashion with contemporary details. In Navyline, we aim to make women feel bold and confident!

S145 Abaya
Black collared abaya with blue...

USD 121.50

S144 Abaya
Black patterned abaya with tul...

USD 148.50

S154 Abaya
Black abaya with chunky beads ...

USD 132.30

S156 Abaya
Army green collared abaya with...

USD 153.90

S161 Abaya
Black abaya with contrast whit...

USD 132.30

S166 Abaya Set
4-piece taupe set that include...

USD 149.85

Code:s148 Abaya
Collared blue grey colorblock ...

USD 132.30

Code:s150 Abaya
Black linen abaya with pattern...

USD 129.60

Code:s149 Abaya
Black collared abaya with geom...

USD 132.30

Code:s160 Abaya
Brown abaya with ruffled sleev...

USD 151.20

Code:s152 Abaya
Beige buttoned abaya with cont...

USD 132.30

Code:s48 Abaya
Black bisht winter abaya with ...

USD 124.20